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Welcome to The Foot Whisperer Reflexology Institute's Classes Page!
Classes and training revolving around the art and science of Reflexology


 Online Classes 

Online Classes

Follow this link to the Online School. The following classes are now available through The Foot Whisperer Reflexology Institute:

The Foot Reading Online Certification Course (FROCC) ~ $225 or $95/mo for 3 months

How to Map the Feet - WEBINAR REPLAY ~ FREE

What is Foot Reading? - WEBINAR REPLAY ~ FREE

Top 10 Pathologies for a Reflexologist to Know - WEBINAR REPLAY ~ $10

Anatomy/Physiology/Pathology Reflexology Masterclasses ~ $15

Self-Reflexology Technique Online ~ $20

Generating a Foot Reading Report - WEBINAR REPLAY ~ $29

Hand Reflexology Technique Online ~ $49

Face Reflexology Technique Online ~ $49

Foot Reflexology Technique Online ~ $99

AND more! 


 Live Classes 

Deep Tissue Foundations
with Scott Latham at The Foot Whisperer Reflexology Institute

Deep Tissue Foundations introduces the massage therapist to the basic skills of Deep Tissue Massage. The workshop focuses on developing quality of touch, good body mechanics, and a strong set of techniques that protect the therapist, while giving the client the depth of pressure needed for therapeutic work. Massage Therapists receive12 hands-on CEUs for attending. Partial credits are available by request. Please call the institute or email for more information.

Saturday Night & Sunday January 26th & 27th, 2019
6pm to 10pm on Saturday & 10am to 6pm Sunday

4810 W Gandy Blvd. Tampa, FL 33611
Register by Calling 813-831-9420
~  $225 per person / LMTs receive 12 hands-on CEUs for attending~
Register Online Here!


Reflexology Lymph Drainage (RLD)
with Sally Kay at Hyatt Place Tampa Airport Westshore

Reflexology Lymph Drainage (RLD) is a multi-award winning technique, which can be used to help reduce lymphoedema after treatment for breast cancer. RLD is also useful for clients with other (non-cancer related) common conditions and inflammatory auto-immune disorders. The course teaches specific reflexology techniques for drainage via the feet and the aim is to stimulate the function of the lymphatic system. An evidence based course that includes the results from the existing research.  You will learn how to conduct a case study or series, using arm volume measurements as the primary outcome measure and a method of collecting and analysing additional subjective data.

Find out more about RLD and Sally Kay at

Day 1

Summary of existing RLD research

Review of the Lymphatic system and drainage areas

Lymphoedema – causes & treatment

RLD for Breast cancer related secondary lymphoedema

Measure & calculate the volume of the arm

Demonstration & practical

Day 2

Review of the Immune system & Auto-immune disorders

RLD for clients with other conditions

Using a standard outcome measure

Demonstration & practical

RLD and legs & other areas of lymphoedema

RLD hand reflexes


Attendees Receive:
12 hands-on CEUs for attending

Inclusive of all course material

Professionally printed handbook and additional support material

RLD Foot Chart

Data files for limb volume calculation (via email)

Certificate of Attendance 

Guidelines for a Case-study

The Case-study is submitted by email

Feedback and Certificate sent within 28 days of submission

A free listing on the ‘RLD Practitioner’ website on successful completion of the Case-study
Use of the RLD Approved Practitioner logo

February 23rd & 24th 2019
at the Hyatt Place Tampa Airport Westshore
4811 W Main Street, Tampa, FL 33607
Block Room Rates Available 

~  $375 per person (early bird - until 28 days prior) ~
~ $415 per person (if registering the month of the course) ~ 

Register Online Here!

Canada & Australia Tour
with Sam Belyea

Advanced Foot Reading - Toronto, Canada
Saturday & Sunday May 18th & 19th
10am to 5pm both days

Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Toronto Airport
3299 Caroga Drive, Mississauga Ontario L4V 1A3

~  $125 for Day One Only, $225 for Both Days ~
Register Online Here!

Advanced Foot Reading - Fremantle, West Australia
Saturday & Sunday June 1st & 2nd
10am to 5pm both days

A Place To Just Be
4 Preston Point Rd, East Fremantle WA 6158, Australia

~  $125 for Day One Only, $225 for Both Days ~
Register Online Here!

Advanced Foot Reading - Brompton, South Australia
Saturday & Sunday June 8th & 9th
10am to 5pm both days

19 On Green Community Centre
19 Green St, Brompton SA 5007, Australia

~  $125 for Day One Only, $225 for Both Days ~
Register Online Here!

Advanced Foot Reading - Nelson, New Zealand
Monday & Tuesday June 17th & 18th
10am to 5pm both days

Trailways Hotel 
66 Trafalgar St, The Wood, Nelson 7010, New Zealand

~  $125 for Day One Only, $225 for Both Days ~
Register Online Here!

Advanced Foot Reading is a combination of Foot Reading 101 on the first day and Advanced Foot Reading on the second day. Students can attend one or both days. The foundations of Foot Reading will be taught on Day One, with the zones, their meanings, the elements and practical work between the attendees. On Day Two students will be given deeper energetic theory, coaching practices, advanced assessment techniques and learn to spread the map between multiple extremities for validation. Together, this two-day class instills the knowledge and confidence for the practice of Foot Reading as an adjunct or stand-alone modality. Attendees will also receive a discounted rate for the Online Certification to complete more formal training post-workshop. 

Reproflexology© Certification
with Barbara Scott at The Foot Whisperer Reflexology Institute

Part 1 of the course covers understanding the basic causes of fertility difficulties in both men and women, identifying ovulation, medical tests undertaken by clients, and how to work with fertility and sub fertility. This must by completed before embarking on Part 2.

Introduction to Reproflexology©
Information gathering – client questionnaire
Understanding the menstrual cycle
Lifecycle of a sperm cell
Ovulation – timing and anomalies
What affects our fertility – causes and diseases
Diagnostic tools – orthodox and complementary
Diet and Nutrition and its role
Endocrine and reproductive balancing
Tools and Techniques

Part 2 focuses entirely on working with medicated cycles, IUI and IVF.  On the successful conclusion of the course and case study work all students will receive at Certificate in Reproflexology© which will count towards their Continuing Professional Development.

Diagnostic Testing
Emotional Aspects to Consider
Intrauterine Insemination
In Vitro Fertilisation
Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection
Reflexology and its Role
When to Treat and when NOT to Treat
Schedule of Treatments
Tools and Techniques

Practitioners can just take Part 1 without Part 2 if the wish at a cost of $400.

Each day runs from 9.30 to 5pm with a break for lunch. Refreshments but not lunch are included.

Thursday through Sunday July 11th - July 14th, 2019
4810 W Gandy Blvd. Tampa, FL 33611
~  $660 per person / LMTs receive 26 hands-on CEUs for attending~

A non-refundable deposit of $130 is required to save your seat. 
Please email the Registration Form to and submit your deposit/payment through Barbara's website here


Reflexology Weekend Workshops & Certification Program

We are committed to sharing the art and science of Reflexology with the Tampa Bay community. As a specialty modality for Licensed Massage Therapists, Reflexology leads to increased revenue, client loyalty, and strengthening your bodywork career. However, non-licensed individuals can also learn Reflexology to assist friends and family in a non-professional setting. We are open to sharing the world of Reflexology with you - come let us show you what the buzz is about.

Our Reflexology Certification Program consists of 300 total hours over 12 months and is held to national standards. Students are able to apply for the National Reflexology Certification Exam through the American Reflexology Certification Board (ARCB) after completing this program. Our training program operates on a 'rolling enrollment' system. This means you can join the program anytime, receive the same 12 month curriculum, while being mentored by more advanced students and mentoring newer students as they join. We find this enhances the learning experience. Licensed Massage Therapists will receive all 24 CEUs needed for license renewal during the full Certification Program (including required Florida Law, Professional Ethics, and Medical Errors courses).

Each weekend is also a workshop in and of itself and can be taken independently by Massage Therapists or health professionals seeking credit for license renewals. In addition, these classes are open to the public to spread Reflexology theory and techniques through our community as a non-professional form of compassionate touch. We would love to welcome you into our Reflexology family!

Each weekend is worth 14 hands-on CEUs. Certificates of attendance are available upon request. However, please note that only proper licensed Massage Therapy professionals can practice Reflexology for compensation in the state of Florida. Also, only students who complete the full 300-hours will achieve the title of Certified Reflexologist by the institute.  

If you are interested please contact the institute at 813-831-9420 or the director Sam Belyea at

Our Upcoming Weekends:
January 19th & 20th
February 16th & 17th
March 23rd & 24th
April 27th & 28th

All weekends are both Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 5pm. 

Register Online Here!

Your Instructor:

Sam Belyea, Nationally Certified Reflexologist

Sam Belyea is a Florida native and Tampa Bay’s only Nationally Certified Reflexologist. His 300-hour Reflexology Certification Program has put him on the map as Florida’s up and coming master of Reflexology. Sam’s background in Physical Therapy, Bodywork, Yoga, and energy-related health modalities makes his workshops well rounded and able to resonate with all professionals in the health and wellness arena. He stays actively involved in the bodywork community through teaching and by speaking to massage school students about the benefits of being a Reflexologist. Sam’s personal key to success is to always interject humor into the classes he teaches and to know that in order to change the world you have to start with yourself.

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