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Sam Belyea ~ The Foot Whisperer 

Sam Belyea - Internationally Acclaimed Foot Reader, Dual-Nationally Certified Reflexologist, Author and Teacher MA56213

Sam Belyea is a leading Foot Reading expert, speaker and Reflexology instructor who has built his brand by decoding the messages found in the feet. A Tampa native, Sam owns and operates The Foot Whisperer Reflexology Institute while teaching and inspiring others to discover the hidden meaning of the extremities.

Becoming one of the only Dual-Nationally Certified Reflexologists in Florida, Sam has carved out his bodywork niche through advanced trainings and sharing what he has learned with others. He has also developed the institute’s Reflexology Charts, Reflexology Certification Program content and the training programs for their Online School; all while maintaining his book of hands-on and consultancy sessions.

During a live Reflexology session or a remote Foot Reading Consultation, Sam assesses the tangible physical markers on the feet, hands, face and ears that show what someone is physically, mentally, and emotionally experiencing. He then provides pointed feedback and educates clients on how change their lifestyle based on what is found within the markers on the extremities.

Follow Sam via our Facebook Page, YouTube Channel and Instagram for the latest news, Foot Reading stories and content from the institute. Sam's book Foot Reading: A Reflexology Primer on Foot Assessment is available through Balboa Press, Amazon, Barnes & Nobel and autographed copies can be purchased through our online store here.

Online scheduling for Sam is always available!

** Currently, Sam is booking up to a month in advance for certain days and times. Thank you for your support and patience.

Cody Rickett 

Cody Rickett - Massage Therapist, Reflexologist and Yoga Teacher MA84763

Like Sam, Cody was born and raised in South Tampa. He grew up with the good fortune of being able to explore the wonders of our Gulf Coast habitat—through activities like fishing, hiking, swimming, and canoeing. He also excelled at academics and athletics, and his love for the connection of body and mind eventually drew him into the field of bodywork and massage. Through therapeutic touch, he seeks to restore and awaken the body-mind connection within his clients.

As an avid practitioner of meditation and yoga, he has found the inner world to be equally as fascinating as the outer world
. He is a certified teacher (RYT 200) of Advanced Yoga Practices (AYP), which is a full-scope system that provides the necessary tools to achieve high levels of personal freedom and enlightenment. Having also graduated from the same massage therapy program as Sam, Cody is honored to join the Reflexology Institute and contribute to its overall mission of cultivating wellness, deep relaxation, pain relief, and improvement in quality of life.

Online scheduling for Cody is always available!

Scott Latham 

Scott Latham - Ayurvedic Massage Therapist MA82952

Scott studied Ayurveda and Massage Therapy at Hocking College in Nelsonville, Ohio, under the tutelage of Mark Cullen (DO, ND, DC, LMT, AyT) and Jeannie Faulkner (LMT, AyT).

He began his bodywork career by providing orthopedic testing and manual therapy in a chiropractic clinic, focusing on victims of traumatic injuries.  Soon after, he added a spa tenure to his resume, offering high-end relaxation services and luxurious wellness treatments. 

While these opportunities honed in him a variety of hands-on skills, Scott felt moved to begin practicing privately in order to freely provide more thorough, wholistic care, melding many different modalities into his signature harmony of traditional concepts and modern techniques.  Through his research and experiences, Scott has sharpened his awareness of the mind-body-spirit connection.

Since moving to the Tampa Bay area, he has gradually expanded his practice to offer a diverse blend of modalities of therapeutic touch. His goal is to demystify Ayurveda and its sister sciences in the public consciousness and to help others incorporate Ayurvedic principles into Western living.

To learn more, visit

William J. Skody 

William Skody - Business Development Team

William Skody was born and raised in New York City, and graduated with a BA in accounting from Pace University within 2 ½ years and is Certified to practice in New York.  

Prior to starting his own firm, he worked for several well known public accounting firms including Mahoney Cohen and B.D.O. Seidman.  William also learned first hand about business and the rewards of working hard from his father who was an entrepreneur for over 25 years.  

He believes in giving back to the community and donates a great deal of his time to many worthwhile causes and organizations.  

For over twenty years William has been servicing commercial and not-for-profit organizations and is highly respected and well-known throughout the New York metropolitan area for his expertise with Business Improvement Districts and Economic Development Organizations.

Additional information on William and his services can be found at

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