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The 100 Feet Project is an international collaboration effort headed by Foot Whisperer and Author, Sam Belyea. Pictures of feet are being donated by people just like you from all around the globe for use in Sam’s next book: The 100 Feet Project – Reflexology & Foot Reading Case Studies.

As updates occur, they will be posted on this page, on our various social media channels (Facebook, Facebook Group, YouTube, Instagram) and shared with the world. The ultimate goal is to raise awareness for the modality of Foot Reading as a practical way to assess the physical, mental and emotional state of individuals through the body’s interconnected nature.

 Want to Help? Here's How: 

Submitting your Feet for the Project - We are still accepting submissions!

1) First, please print, sign and email the Authorization and Release Form to

2) Upon receiving that signed form, please look at the Foot Picture Submission Guide with instructions detailing how to take pictures of your feet for the project.

3) Send your picture to and stay tuned on all social media channels for book announcements, videos, webinars and other Foot Reading educational material.

Example Picture: Tops of Feet

Example Picture: Bottoms (Soles) of Feet

 Learning About Foot Reading: 

Here are the top Foot Reading books on the market today that have been compiled through years of research into the reflexes and how to accurately interpret them. Education is power!

Foot Reading: A Reflexology Primer on Foot Assessment by Sam Belyea
Let's Read Our Feet!: The Foot Reading Guide by Jane Sheehan (also, her other books)
Reading Toes: Your Feet as Reflections of Your Personality by Imre Somogyi
Reflexes: Physical and Emotional A Reflexologists Guide by The Association of Reflexologists (AoR)
The Language of the Feet 2nd Edition by Chris Stormer
Fascinating Feet by Sue Ricks

If you would like to practice professionally and are interested in becoming a Certified Foot Reading Practitioner, then check out the Foot Reading Online Certification Course from Sam where you can train in the art and science of Foot Reading.

 Schedule a Foot Reading Consultation with Sam: 

If you are curious about what your feet are saying about your physical, mental and/or emotional state, but don’t want to wait for Sam’s next book, you can always Schedule a Foot Reading Consultation via Skype. Sam has clients all over the world that send in pictures of their feet to be assessed. He then combines his Reflexology, Foot Reading and Holistic Health backgrounds to help coach you through what your body is asking for by decoding the markers on the feet.

Schedule a consultation online with Sam today!

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