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 The Foot Whisperer Reflexology Institute Grads - Certified Reflexologists 

Robert E. Myers, LMT
300-hour Certified Reflexologist
Broward County, FL

"I first came into contact with Sam in June 2017 at the FSMTA State Convention in Orlando, FL. There was a class being offered in Reflexology. I decided I would take a look and see what it was all about. I have been a Massage Therapist in the state of Florida for thirty years, mainly in Sports Massage, but this grabbed my curiosity. 

The class he presented just blew me away. It was new, fun, and accomplished so many things that just rang a bell in me and I was hooked. After the convention in June, when I got home I contacted The Foot Whisperer Reflexology Institute in Tampa, Florida. I was enrolled in class beginning July 2017. Students attended 12 Saturday and Sunday weekend workshops once per month, which are scheduled on the third weekend of each month, and take place from 9am to 5pm.

The journey through one year of work, study and experience with other students from a plethora of backgrounds is a once in a lifetime gift achieved by taking the course. Each weekend is a new learning episode with anatomy and physiology, plus you get to practice on each other without any kind of pressure at all. You will go over the Foot, Hand, Face and Ear each weekend until it becomes second nature to you.

I can't thank Sam enough for the great opportunity he offers through his Certification Program. I have met a lot of wonderful therapists this past year and have passed the National Certification Exam. I am now in the process of completing my 90 hours of documentation (for that exam, which is independent of the institute's program). Sam, Thank you!"

Yasmirys Perez, LMT
300-Hour Certified Reflexologist
Tampa, Florida

"I had an intro on Reflexology while studying massage therapy In San Diego California. It was the Eastern version of the modality. While taking your classes I discovered a different approach. Love the steps as they help all my clients relax, especially the ones that suffer from sleeping conditions. That hour to them is priceless. Lately I have needed to adjust to two hours! Thank you Sam, I love the Foot Whisperer method!"

Mary Lewinski, LMT
300-Hour Certified Reflexologist
Clearwater, Florida.

"As I have progressed through the year long course, I have been so impressed with the depth of Sam's technical skills and intuitive knowledge! He handles with the greatest respect the amazing variety of students he deals with.  I was also impressed with the pacing of the weekend classes.  All too often, the teacher will drone on endlessly for hours and a practicum winds up being an afterthought.  Sam has broken it into (most often) classroom work, practical skill-work, lunch, classroom work and then finishing Sunday with practical skill-work.  This seems to be a very dynamic educational pattern.  I was also impressed with the "rolling admissions" policy.  At any given time you have more senior students as well as neophytes in a class which averages out to be about 12. If you have any questions at all pertaining to the course I may help to address, please feel free to email me at"

George Blume, LMT
300-Hour Certified Reflexologist
Tampa, Florida
813 695-5253

"This is the real deal. I have attended classes and workshops that claim to be Reflexology, but in reality they were nothing more than teaching a glorified foot rub.  During the 12 month course at The Foot Whisperer Reflexology Institute, I received the in-depth knowledge I was looking for.  Month after month the course material and hands-on experience layers upon itself and instilled in me the confidence to preform and decode a professional Reflexology session.

Sam Belyea has created a relaxed learning environment and always has interesting case studies to back up his lectures. Also, the hours logged and the material covered will have anyone more than prepared to take the national exam. My personal favorite part of the course is having Reflexology performed on myself.  In each class the students work on each other, reinforcing the technique and feel of a true Reflexology session.  I cannot say enough how happy I am that I took course and the opportunity work with Sam, The Foot Whisperer."  

Lynn Dixon, LMT
300-Hour Certified Reflexologist MA52517

"I met Sam at the FSMTA meeting in Tampa, FL and LOVED the mini class we had.  He was so happy to share his information with us.  We just learned the relaxation techniques for Hand Reflexology that night. I started using it right away on my clients and saw it work so fast. My clients loved the work and relaxed so fast. That got my attention!

At first I was concerned about a yearlong commitment of one weekend a month.  But being there and learning under Sam's relaxed and intuitive style had me hooked.  Even after having a bad accident I didn't miss a class all year. Did I mention that we have to practice on each other in every class?


Sam leads us through the routines - so no worries there. Who would want to miss getting your feet, hands, ears and face worked on? Sam has put together a reflexology course that is the most complete out there.  His charts have become the product of all his studying the different Reflexology courses out there. Each of his predecessors that has written books and taught Reflexology has had an interesting revelation that set them apart from all the others. Sam has put all those good things together plus his own and it is like putting a puzzle together. The end product is a complete system of teaching Reflexology with complete charts. Even though I learned for a year, this will be a lifetime of learning and I love that.

Thank you Sam for opening my eyes to the world of Reflexology!"

Tom Maxson LMT
300-Hour Certified Reflexologist MA39498
Lutz, FL

(321) 917-5771

"The Foot Whisperer's Reflexology program saved my massage career. No exaggeration- I was super burned out after 12 years of deep tissue, fascia-bashing massage and ready to quit entirely, to do something completely different. Then I took an intro class from Sam and was immediately hooked. He saw the body and explained anatomy and physiology in a fresh, new, invigorating way to me. I was quickly able to apply several of his techniques to get noticeable results in my clients. The coolest part was that it was painless for my clients to receive the work and painless for me to give the work!

The 12 weekends of classes went by so fast! Each weekend I would leave thinking, "How can I possibly learn any more about the Feet, Hands, Face and Ears?" only to come back the next month and be blown away again by how much amazingly detailed insight Sam had to share. The pacing of the course is excellent. The value of the course was priceless to me and my career. The cost in dollars is totally reasonable, for the quality of technique and knowledge you will gain to help your clients succeed in their health and wellness goals. 

I highly recommend Sam Belyea and his Reflexology classes- I can't wait to take more myself!"

Julie Schneider, LMT
300-Hour Certified Reflexologist MA#77602
Sun City Center, FL


"Wow…this is an amazing course! Sam is so thoughtful and eloquent with his teachings and words. He brings real life examples to his classes and always manages to put a fun twist on learning.  During this twelve month course, you will learn so much about yourself, about family and friends that you have surrounded yourself with, and different ways that you can help them just through touch (reflexology).

Sam’s intuitiveness creates a warm and safe environment that enhances class sessions by allowing each individual to explore and resonate from within."

Virginia Martin, M.A., LMT
300-Hour Certified Reflexologist MA67009
St. Petersburg, FL

I completed an awesome year of learning the new Reflexology system with Sam Belyea at the "Foot Whisperer Reflexology Institute".  The year long course was a great review and new learning about the Body's amazing anatomy and its extraordinary ability to self-heal from the stimulation received by this form of Foot Reflexology.  While I have loved being a Massage Therapist for the past five years, this modality has brought a whole new level of self awareness, appreciation and delight in being a Massage Therapist now with a specialty in Reflexology. It is such a joy to see how quickly and positively individuals respond to this therapy.  A great Course and a Great Teacher!"

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